Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2010

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The workshop here in Salvador has just ended. The group Caipirinha is a new reality. Looking at the sea and the sky of this land that I feel more and more my own comes to mind the many moments shared in the common effort to distill the essence of living. Willard is taking her twentyfirst workshop. Rustles and jovial as always, she continues her search in the animal world. Together with the group, who is in awe for her work, we continue the editing of the images of her future book. I believe that we have found the perfect title. Her penchant for caipirinha infects the whole group and everynight for dinner we drink at least two each. As some of you know, in my workshop the main goal is to take good images, eating well is a close second. How can we forget the fantstic crab mariscada and fried fish that Edilson cooked for us in Ponta Grossa or the eggplant involtini and the agnolotti stuffed with red snapper served over a delicate tomato sauce in Pelourinho?

I consider myself satisfied with the images taken by all students. In a special way, I was impressed by Theos’s photographs. After Iquitos he has followed me here in Salvador to continue his beautiful personal search with that special eye that he has; by Barbara’s images feeling that she has taken the biggest leap forward creating very personal and complex images; by Alfonso’s pictures considering that he had the ability to capture in a masterful way the most difficult photographic situations; and last but not least Filippo that from the height of his stature and with infinite sweetness has taken that very beautiful image of Barra’s pier that I consider the most black and white color picture that I’ve seen in my life. It’s exactly in this dichotomy that lays its intrinsic beauty. We will look at Willard’s images in a while, but knowing her, I already know that she will come up with new photographic gems. The lesson that we all learned is that where there is life there are always photographs to be taken!



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