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New York, US 2009

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® Dallas McNamara

At the last minute, I decided to attend Ernesto Bazan’s workshop in Brooklyn, based on a suggestion from a photographer friend, a browse through Bazan’s web site, and a strong gut feeling. I arrived day one, his front door casually propped open. Bazan’s home was full of the happy sounds from sons Pietro and Stefano, and the beautiful welcoming smile of his wife Sissy.

Without wasting any time, we jumped right into it. EB giving us feedback on our earlier work and getting a feel for where we were photographically and where we wanted to head. Each day we would meet and go over the previous days work. Bazan is a tough edit, but as he said: “I want your work to not just be acceptable to you now, but to withstand the test of time and to be impressive for years to come.” We also spent intervals looking at other photographers work; we visited galleries, combed through his impressive collection of photography books, and of course, analyzed Bazan’s own work.

I appreciate how Ernesto let my own style evolve. He gracefully pushed me, and by the end of the workshop, my photography and my eye had evolved. I changed as a photographer, and I would even venture to say, as a person; how I am in this world, as a photographer. The caliber of this workshop was what I needed on so many levels. It was an honor to study with Ernesto Bazan. He teaches like he takes his photographs- like he lives his life- with his heart and soul, as well as his mind. I look forward to many more workshops and special interchanges with Ernesto, and the beauty and magic he helps to create.

Love and peace to you and your family.

Dallas McNamara


® Laura Oliveros


It was a unique experience. Thanks to Ernesto I learnt and understood how you create a photographer. Life is built around situations, moments that for a photographer is a photographic experience. To be a photographer requires that you see each moment with different eyes. As Ernesto put it, we need to be hunters of situations that stimulate this internal eye (your heart). In Ernesto’s work you see his position about photography to mirror itself.

This workshop was a space to grow as a photographer where I strengthened my criteria on what a good photograph is all about. Besides that the critique, the approval, the rejection, and also the discussion over what a good photograph is played a major role. But the most important thing that I understood is that photography is life, in the sense that it keeps building itself from the different experiences. Thus joy, suffering and the other many feelings that life itself is creating are reflected in the photographs allowing the development of its own unique language.

Laura Inés Oliveros







® Stan Raucher


My New York City workshop with Ernesto was an amazing experience. Ernesto is a talented photographer, a wonderful teacher and a marvelous human being. He really helped me to refine my vision and to improve my editing skills. He has the ability to clearly articulate what does and what does not work in an image. These editing skills translated into my shooting style, and as the workshop progressed I became much more selective in what I would photograph. An added highlight to this workshop was the chance to spend time and share meals with Ernesto’s family. This was my first workshop with Ernesto and I’m certainly looking forward to doing more in the future.

Stan Raucher





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