A Wedding, a Funeral, a Circus and Many Sheep Gallery

Sacred Valley, Peru 2009

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® Lucha Parodi




® Paola Nalvarte


We walk along, far away, under the rain, looking for moments, enjoying the journey, the silence, the mountains shaped by the crops, and Willard’s delicious snacks of dried fruits. Learning even more every time, about life, about my country, and from the photography goddess. Chatting with my all bloods brothers, discovering different and new meanings of freedom, something I would have not been able to understand before. Another wonderful journey full of exchanges, moments, gifts, and offerings. Thank you, once again, Ernesto!
Paola Nalvarte



® Willard Pate


If my teaching schedule would permit, I would take this workshop every year. Of course, it offers the magic that Ernesto brings to all his workshops—the magic of his teaching as well as the magic of his ability almost to conjure up unique cultural experiences for his students. This year the standout was a rural wedding way out in the mountains. But what makes me want to come back to Peru, rather than follow Ernesto to some other spot, is my affinity for rural life. I love being in the midst of a herd of sheep or climbing a hill (slowly, of course, because of the thin air) where I can see a lone shepherd and his dog against a backdrop of the snow-capped Andes. That is like heaven on earth.

Willard Pate



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