Eclipse Total

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2008

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® Stefano Giogli

I’ve been teaching my own workshops since January 2002. Never would I have imagined that they would bring so many satisfactions and accomplishments in my life. Probably one of the most important one has been the special friendship that has blossomed with some of my students. Friendships based on genuine feelings and mutual respect. I can remember several workshops in which the incredible photographic experience was almost overshadowed by the perfect chemistry among all the students and their maestro, when we all felt part of a privileged group of human beings sharing the quintessence of our own life.
Well, I’m happy to say that this third Salvador de Bahia workshop has easily topped all the previous ones and left great memories and special photographs.

The images you can check for yourself and do not require any further comments except that I’m very proud of each of my students’ work.

What I’d like to talk more about here is the incredible human experiences that we all shared. One of the most beautiful unexpected surprises was to be witnesses to a moon’s total eclipse. That night by the poolside of our dream-like resort we all realized how lucky we all were as the moon was slowly disappearing before our eyes. Lots of people make special arrangements to see one and we were simply fortunate to be part of it. This year we finally spent 3 days instead of just one, we photographed in and around Acupe, went out fishing, we hung out with the fishermen, with the landless movement families that showed us around their villages, that brought us a wheel barrow full of mangos to simply say:” Thank you for being with us.”

And how not to remember the intense days spent in my Salvador photographing people in the amazing locations that only this incredible city can offer, bringing back images and food to some of our subjects (sometimes, a major challenge in itself), the looking of the test sheets of my, now, recently published Cuba book that lead to our decision of changing paper, and the great meals that we shared, the wonderful walks on the beach, the heavy, torrential rain that brought some sporadic coolness, the amazing editing sessions, the intensity of each moment that we all shared, and many other things that are simply indescribable (to feel them you need to be part of the group).

The group Eclipse Total (pronounced with a heavy Bahian accent) will not be easy to forget. And like a little boy I still daydream about it. EB


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