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Cuzco and Sacred Valley, Peru 2008

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® Baron Barnett


I have just completed my fourth journey with Ernesto. We were primarily in the Sacred Valley with our base in Cuzco. As the norm with Ernesto one can expect a very spiritual journey!!!!!!
We had a small group which made it very easy to improvise as we went. We were able to “Take it as it comes”. Ernesto knew of events or celebrations occurring which we could follow and document. We also had a number of surprises. We followed a labor strike through the streets of
Cuzco. We wandered in the streets of several little towns. We walked in the fields with a family planting potatos. We shared Chicha and experienced wonderful local cuisine and the energy of the people everywhere we went. Lastly, through our editing sessions, we realized what a wonderful experience we had! But, most importantly, we had beautiful images to share with others as we stepped back into our regular routines. We also brought back a special book BazanCuba to share!!!!
So, if one is looking for something special to witness, follow the trails with Ernesto. You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!! Baron Barnet



® Barry Frankel


Peru was my first travel workshop with Ernesto and my first visit to this beautiful land. It was a chance to live and breath photography with a group of like-minded people. I have to say it was a wonderful experience; the days flew by too fast.

Based on Ernesto’s instructions, I photographed with just two lenses and used mainly one lens to make the photographs which proves to me that less is more.

Ernesto is a superb photographer and teacher. Reviewing his work touched my heart and soul.

Thank you Ernesto for a wonderful workshop experience. I plan on joining you in Sicily next year for another intensive photographic adventure. Barry Frankel



® Willard Plate


When Ernesto started his workshops in 2002, I wanted to go with him to Peru. And I wanted to go in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. Finally this year the dates of my fall break fell at the right time and I was able to get there. I was not disappointed even after so many years of anticipation. In fact, I can say that the only workshop location that rivals my affection for the Sacred Valley of the Incas is the valley of Viñales in Cuba. While very different in topography, both appeal to my love of rural life–herds of sheep or pigs or llamas, fields being plowed with oxen, local people warm to strangers. I’m glad that I could celebrate my fifteenth experience of learning from Ernesto in such a setting. As long as I am able and my schedule permits, I will follow Ernesto’s trail of workshops where ever it goes. But right now, Peru is the destination where I most want him to lead me. Willard Pate


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