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Oaxaca, Mexico 2007

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® Barron Barnett


I have just completed my 3rd workshop with Ernesto in Oaxaca Mexico. We were a small group, which enhanced our interaction with each other! Ernesto was his usual self, stimulating our visual and emotional senses. Dia de los Muertos was another spiritual event. We wandered through amazing markets and followed Comparsas through the streets and into the Centro Cemetery. We explored the small towns on the edge of Oaxaca witnessing amazing celebrations in the cemeteries and surrounding neighborhoods. The week was closed with intense editing sessions and a glimpse of Ernesto’s latest body of work. Ultimately, if you want to be exposed to something very special and caress your spiritual being, walk with Ernesto! He exposes you to something wonderful and heightens your ability to be more discriminating as you capture the elements around you inside one of your images.

Baron Barnett



® Francesca Golinelli


A jump into darkness: this was the description that my maestro Ernesto had given me. And in my case it has been indeed a true and unconscious drop into darkness! The two weeks prior to my departure I was excited and scared at the same time thinking of having exaggerated by enrolling to a workshop of such a high level.I just started taking pictures 6 months ago, but for me it has been like a true calling… when the student is ready to study he will find his teacher and thus his path. I was ready to listen to the critique that makes you grow, and I was ready to be praised that makes you fly. This trip represented a change both in my personal and photographic life. I found all that I love…photography, cheerfulness, the drama, the solitude of the country side, humble people, unconditional and loyal friends, laughter and true love, the indigenous’ ancestral culture, and MEXICO. I love this country as it were my own, and Oaxaca and Day of the Dead are a unique and unforgettable representation of all of that. Now, it’s up to me make sure that it will all continue, with the patience and dedication that only a great maestro such is Ernesto would have been able to pass on to me, in the hope that light won’t come on for a while!

Francesca Golinelli



® Lorenza Manzi

I was excited but terrified about my first real workshop. I heard about it in London where I met Nuno D’Uva from Portugal, who had already done a workshop with Ernesto in New York, and another in Cuba, and assured me that I would love it. It was an exhilarating experience. I found myself running around like a cat on a hot griddle from start to finish (and I’m no young chick). With great ease, Ernesto manages to harmonize even a very eclectic group. I shot 24 rolls of film, and ended up with 4 images. I wasn’t disappointed, though. I’ll be back for more, as soon as I can.

Lorenza Manzi



® Tom Foster


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