Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2010

Español       Italiano

I return to Salvador after a brief absence to retake the strings of my Bahian’s existence always accompanied by the students that destiny has wanted together with me. A small group with the ever-present Willard that has come to continue with patience and determination to excavate the intimate relation with the animals that she has been probing for years and that, at right moment, it will be the first book of my students to be published by BazanPhotos Publishing. Two new students are with me: Elena, a sweet Italian expatriate like me that continues to speak to me in English and Sorin, the nice young Rumanian landscape photographer. All together we face the challenges that daily life bestows upon us without loosing the jolliness of each instant. After the first days of adjustments, the first good images become to appear. I feel very content as a happy daddy for his kids good grades. Sorin and Elena slowly manage to capture significant moments of our existence of these people always ready for a smile. Willard continues to say that if she will have a single good image she will be a happy woman. Good food, good wine and some good Caipirinha are our companions in these ten days of extraordinary moments. We dedicate this new workshop to Jefferson the young, good natured Jefferson of the camp of the Sem Terra. His disarming smile will always stay with us.



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